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The Wrinkled Egg The Wrinkled Egg
The Wrinkled Egg The Wrinkled Egg The Wrinkled Egg
The Wrinkled Egg The Wrinkled Egg
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Product Name Model Price  
3-D Mirascope$7.50
Address Book - Round flower with Pen$6.50
All Star Sports$65.00
Animal Lover$60.00
Arts and Crafts Explosion$60.00
Autograph Pillow - Birthday Cake Pillow$21.00
Autograph Pillow - Flower Pillow$19.95
Autograph Pillow - Friends Forever T Shirt Pillow$18.95
Autograph Pillow - Friends Forever with Peace symbols$22.00
Autograph Pillow - Peace/Love$22.00
Autograph Pillow - Photo Pillow with Marabou Trim$22.00
Autograph Pillow - Pizza Pillow$18.00
Autograph Pillow - Tie-Dye Smiley Face$24.00
Autograph Plush - Puppy with Tie-Dye Shorts$26.00
Ballet Autograph Pillowcase$9.95
Base: Campfire Collections - I Love Camp Medallion & Necklace$24.95
Basket Case$8.95
Best Friends Dogs Autograph Pillowcase$16.00
Bifold Screen $1,200.00
Big Hat - Patriotic Top Hat$14.00
Bingo - Dog Bingo$16.50
Bingo - Horse Bingo$16.50
Birthday Blast$60.00
Birthday Cake Hat$8.00
Black Bear$18.00
Boogie Board - LCD Writing Tablet$36.00
Boogity Boos - 6"$8.95
Boredom Buster Rest Hour Care Package for Boys$65.00
Boredom Buster Rest Hour Care Package for Girls$60.00
Boy's Counselor Gift #3$15.00
Boy's Happy Camper #1$35.00
Boy's Happy Camper #1$35.00
Boy's Happy Camper #2$50.00
Boy's Happy Camper #3$75.00
Boy's Happy Camper #3$75.00
Boy's Happy Camper #4$100.00
Boy's Happy Camper #4$100.00
Brainiest Insaniest Ultimate Puzzle Book!$10.95
Bugs Autograph Pillowcase$16.00
Burt's Bees - Essentials Kit$14.50
Burt's Bees - Tips and Toes Kit$14.50
Bus with Frogs Autograph Pillowcase$16.00
Cabin Games - Boy$50.00
Cabin Games - Girl$50.00
Cabinmate Gift - #1$5.00
Cabinmate Gift - #2$10.00
Camp Board Game$28.00
Camp Friends Autograph Pillowcase$16.00
Camp Friends Frame with cross$16.95
Camp Kids - Activity Book$3.00
Card Game - Camp Bunk Big Box of Questions$12.00
Card Game - Dog Gone Cards$5.00
Card Game - Go Fish!$6.00
Card Game - Old Maid$6.00
Card Game - Rats!$5.50
Card Game - S'mores$6.50
Card Game - Spit!$6.00
Charm: Campfire Collections - Archery Bullseye$12.95
Charm: Campfire Collections - Canoe Charm$12.95
Charm: Campfire Collections - Cross Charm$12.95
Charm: Campfire Collections - Golf Charm$12.95
Charm: Campfire Collections - Gymnastics Charm$12.95
Charm: Campfire Collections - Hiking Charm$12.95
Charm: Campfire Collections - Horseback Riding Charm$12.95
Charm: Campfire Collections - Ice Cream Cone Charm$12.95
Charm: Campfire Collections - Pottery Charm$12.95
Charm: Campfire Collections - Rafting Charm$12.95
Charm: Campfire Collections - Sailing Charm$12.95
Charm: Campfire Collections - Sandal Charm$12.95
Charm: Campfire Collections - Star of David Charm$12.95
Charm: Campfire Collections - Swimming Charm$12.95
Charm: Campfire Collections - Tennis Charm$12.95
Chicken Games and Puzzles$9.95
Clipboard - Bubble Talk$8.50
Cocker Spaniel$16.95
Coke or Pepsi - Dude$7.99
Coke or Pepsi - Forever$7.99
Coke or Pepsi - Unlimited$7.99
Coke or Pepsi? - Ultimate$7.99
Colored Pencil Set$14.99
Cool Cats Autograph Pillowcase$9.95
Counselor Gift - American Landscapes Note cards$15.00
Counselor Gift - We Pick the Latest and Greatest$15.00
Cows on the Farm$885.00
Crazy About Horses$85.00
Crazy Creek Chair - On Sale Designs$30.00
Crazy Creek Chair - The Original. For ages 7 - ADULT$44.00
Curious Calf$370.00
Cushie Pillow$12.95
Dental Floss - Bacon Flavored$4.50
Dental Floss - Cupcake Flavored$4.50
Diary - Coke or Pepsi Dude Diary$10.99
Diary - Coke or Pepsi Girl Diary$10.99
Disposable Camera$12.00
Dude - A Great Book for Boys$7.99
Emergency Horse$9.50
Eyes on You$645.00
Faber-Castell Colored Pencil Kit$16.00
Fake Moustaches$3.50
Family Feud Strikeout Card Game$8.00
Famous Faces$540.00
Fiber Optic Lights$4.00
First-Time Camper$100.00
Fun Gripper Flyer$11.00
Fun Gripper Football$15.00
Girl's Counselor Gift #2$15.00
Girl's Happy Camper #1$35.00
Girl's Happy Camper #1$35.00
Girl's Happy Camper #2$50.00
Girl's Happy Camper #2$50.00
Girl's Happy Camper #3$75.00
Girl's Happy Camper #3$75.00
Girl's Happy Camper #4$100.00
Girl's Happy Camper #4$100.00
Glow Art - Portable Peg Art$6.50
Gnarly Teeth$8.50
Go Games - Checkers$12.50
Go Games - Hangman$12.50
Go Games - Sudoku$12.50
Go Games - Tic Tac Toe$12.50
Good Life Autograph Pillowcase$16.00
Hacky Sack$3.00
Happy Hikers Autograph Pillowcase$16.00
Horse Games and Puzzles$9.95
Horses - Horse Breeds of North America Pocket Guide$10.95
Horsin' Around Autograph Pillowcase$16.00
How to Draw Horses Book$6.00
ItzaDisk - Flying Fabric Disk$8.95
Journal - Camp Friends Photo & Address Book$8.00
Journal - Green Swirls$12.99
Journal - It's A Great Day Camp Journal$5.50
Journal - Let it Be$16.00
Journal - Pasture Friends$14.95
Journal - Solitude Solitary Tree$16.00
Journal - Wise Owl$16.00
Juggling Balls$6.50
Lap Desk - Camp Flowers/Lime$28.00
Lap Desk - Pink with Butterflies$28.00
Lap Desk - Pink with Large Butterfly$28.00
Laundry Bag - Colorful Hearts with Green Mesh$16.95
Laundry Bag - Paint Splatter$16.95
Laundry Bag - Tye Dye Peace Sign$16.95
Laundry Bag - VW Bugs, Vans and Flower Power$16.95
Life is Good Ultimate Disc - Patriotic$16.00
Lights Fan-tastic - Personal/Handheld fan$5.50
Local Favorites - The Carl Sandburg Home Connemara$21.99
Luau Cow$445.00
Luggage Tags - Girls Camp Flowers$4.95
Mad Libs - Camp Daze$4.00
Mad Libs - Happy Birthday$3.99
Mad Libs - Peace, Love, and Mad Libs$4.00
Magnetic Checkers$9.00
Magnetic Tic Tac Toe$9.00
Mancala Travel Game$11.00
Mary Meyer - Flossy Flamingo$16.00
Moody Face - Mini$2.50
Mountain Ghost Stories$14.95
Musical Tie$10.00
My Friends are Great! Autograph Pillowcase$16.00
National Geographic - The Big Book of Fun!$6.99
Noah's Ark Autograph Pillowcase$16.00
Oh, Yikes! - History's Grossest, Wackiest Moments$14.95
Oh, Yuck! - The Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty$14.95
Papier Mache Pony$700.00
Party Favor #1$5.00
Party Favor #2$10.00
Peace Lovers$72.00
Pens - Glitter Gel Tattoo Pens$6.00
Pens - Wrinkled Egg Marker Kit$11.00
Plump, Juicy, Tender Hot Dogs$215.00
Polka Dot Raincoat - Royal Blue$128.00
Poster Book - Coke or Pepsi$14.99
Poster Book - Horse Breeds$10.95
Poster Book - Horses and Friends$10.95
Poster Book - Walls Do Talk$14.99
Puzzle - Smarties Candies$6.50
Puzzle Buddies - African Elephant$12.00
Puzzle Buddies - Penguin$12.00
Puzzle Buddies - Polar Bear$12.00
RainBOPS: Rainboots - Chocolate Kiss$52.00
RainBOPS: Rainboots - Midnight Dreams$52.00
Rearview Spy Glasses$5.50
Sandy Lane Stables - Dream Pony$4.99
Sharing Dreams Autograph Pillowcase$16.00
Sketchbook - Owl$12.95
Sleep Masks (for Kids) - Lost in Dreamland$8.95
Sniffer - brown and black$16.95
Sniffer - gray and white$16.95
So You Are Off to Summer Camp$6.95
Soap - Bacon Scented Bar Soap$6.50
Spirograph Design Set$16.00
Stamp Set - Horses$11.00
Stationery - Cabin Fever$10.00
Stationery - Camo Camp$8.00
Stationery - Camp is Cool$11.00
Stationery - Camp News (Rustic)$11.00
Stationery - Camp News (Wildlife)$11.00
Stationery - Camp Rocks$8.95
Stationery - Candy and Sweets$6.95
Stationery - Carnival Camp Tickets$6.95
Stationery - Guitar Notes$11.00
Stationery - Hi From Camp Floral Brown$11.00
Stationery - Hi From Camp- Fill In$6.95
Stationery - I Love Camp$11.00
Stationery - Letter Kit$9.95
Stationery - Love Camp$11.00
Stationery - Peace and Love with Hologram Stickers$9.95
Stationery - Peace Out$8.99
Stationery - Pink Hearts$10.00
Stationery - Smores$6.95
Stationery - Soccer$11.00
Stationery - Superstar$11.00
Stationery - Thoughts from Camp$11.00
Stationery - Victorian$11.00
Summer Reading - Kisses for Katie$15.99
Take Me to Your Leader$240.00
The Great Outdoors Games & Puzzles$9.95
Toothpaste - Bacon Flavored$4.95
Toothpaste - Cupcake Flavored$4.95
Tote Bag - Color Your Own$14.00
Two Girls$220.00
Unlikely Friendships - 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kin$13.95
Unlikely Loves - 43 Heartwarming True Stories from the Animal Ki$13.95
Waiting On You$1,045.00
Water Bottle - Great Day Bicycle Style$4.50
Water Bottle - Great Day Original$4.00
Wishpets - Opossum$11.00
Wrinkled Egg Flyer$2.00
Wrinkled Egg Plush Chicken$11.00
Zibbies - Frizz$12.00
Zibbies - Gigglez$12.00
Zibbies - Z.Mylez$12.00
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